Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where did it all go? Here (soon)

In case you were one of the few following this story, in its many on-line instalments, and were wondering where it's all gone, well, clearly I've pulled it. Why? Because it, as a novel-length work, is nearly finished... and when it's finished, I'm going to proof-read it, edit it and then dish it out to some trusted writing friends (be warned, I'm looking at you here, IN, MSK, SJD and RH).

Then, when I've collated and, where appropriate, acted on their feedback I'm going to have a go at getting someone to publish it. Now I'm guessing that most publishers would find a novel that is already published on-line, even in draft, a less attractive prospect, and so I've pulled everything that was here. Sorry.

For those that are interested (you, hopefully), I've left a sample extract up here - please, do with that as you will.

If I can't find a publisher (and let's be honest, that is very hard to do), then I'll self-publish it as an e-book, paperback and maybe even hardback. If I do, the cover might look a bit like this.

Whatever happens with DTTDE, when it's finished and out there I'll write more about it here. Until then...

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